An overview of Xbox One

September 03, 2019 2 min read

An overview of Xbox One

Xbox can be identified as one of the most popular entertainment systems which are developed by Microsoft.  Xbox One is an advanced version of Xbox 360 and it promises impressive features. For instance, Xbox One has 4K capabilities that come with an internal power supply. Also, it has a great design. The storage capacity of the console is 1TB. Besides, it is powered by 12GB GDDR5 RAM as well.


Pros of Xbox One

  1. Cloud integration

Xbox One has a perfect integration with cloud servers. So, you have the complete access to Microsoft’s cloud services through Xbox One. Every Xbox One console is entitled to unlimited cloud storage.


  1. Screenshot sharing

You can share the screenshots of your gameplay if you wish. If not, you can even record the video clips and share them with friends using social media.


  1. Dependable

Xbox One is very reliable when it comes to multiplayer instances due to the high computing power it has. Also, you can play the games through performance mode to feel as if you are playing it from the computer.


  1. Supports a wider array of applications

This works with Blu-Ray disks and it can perfectly overlay with TV sets.


  1. Exceptionally smooth performance

The general gaming experience Xbox One offers is exceptional. It offers a very smooth frame rate and thereby assures a great viewing experience. The built-in 4K Blu-ray player is another valuable addition.


  1. Versatile performance

With Xbox One, you can switch between different screen. This is a great option for those who prefer versatile multitasking.


  1. User-friendliness

Xbox One is considered to be one of the friendliest user-interfaces for both new and seasoned players. It has different tabs namely home, store, entertainment, mixer and community tabs for convenience. You can also pin the favorite programs on the home screen for better user experience.


  1. Kinect Sensor

Xbox One comes with Kinect that comes in the form of a depth-sensing camera. It also recognizes the voice commands through a feature called ‘Dragon Shouts’.


  1. It is pretty quiet

The hardware of this console is so powerful and smooth, resulting in a very quiet overall operation.


Cons of Xbox One

  1. High price

Of course, Xbox One is a fairly expensive product compared to all the other gaming consoles. So, if you are concerned about the budget, this can be an issue.


  1. Must have a 4K-compatible TV

It is compulsory for Xbox One to have a 4K-supported television. If not, you cannot view the videos.


  1. VR feature

Xbox One comes with a built-in 4K blue-ray player which is not compatible with VR (Virtual Reality).


Well, those are the pros and cons we were able to find out about Xbox One. In general, Xbox One is a very good console that comes with superb features. If you intend to purchase peripherals and accessories for your Xbox One, you may visit an online store like  They offer a wider range of accessories for other gaming platforms such as PS4 as well.