Benefits of using gaming consoles over computers

September 03, 2019 2 min read

Benefits of using gaming consoles over computers

Consoles and computers are the obvious choices a gamer can consider when it comes to hardcore gaming. Compared to handheld devices, both consoles and computers support high-end games with excellent graphics and effects. However, there is a specific set of benefits associated with gaming consoles when compared to computers. Mentioned below are those benefits for your reference.


  1. Consoles just let you play the game

You don’t need to worry about installing games when it comes to consoles. All you need is to insert the disk or download the same and that’s it. You don’t need to worry about drivers as well. Even the updates are pretty simple when it comes to downloading. In certain cases, you will have to perform some changes in computers to play the game. But, with a gaming console, such process is not included. In a nutshell, you don’t need to worry about common hassles you go through when installing a new game on a PC.


  1. No need to worry about specifications

When you install a game on a computer, you should pay attention to its specifications. For instance, you will have to consider graphics, RAM, processor etc. before installing the game on a computer. However, when it comes to a console, you don’t need to worry about much at all.


  1. There is no shortage of AAA games for consoles

Well-known studios such as Microsoft and Sony assure their compatibility with gaming consoles. That means, gaming consoles support plenty of AAA games and you have plenty of options to select from. Also, there are some exclusive games for consoles which aren’t available for computers.


  1. Playing a console game is cheaper

Compared to PC games, console games are more affordable. Even the high-resolution games are affordable when it comes to consoles. In most of the cases, the package includes the controller as well and it is still cheaper.


  1. Consoles have better controllers compared to keyboard and mouse

When it comes to the controllers of the consoles, they offer better control compared to mouse and keyboards. That is because console controllers are specially manufactured for gaming purpose only. Gaming controllers associated with consoles are designed to be perfectly fit on your hands. These controllers can be mastered way easier than the regular keyboard and mouse functions. You can go through a list of awesome gaming controllers by visiting a website like


  1. Consoles offer more convenience

Consoles are designed to be compatible with TV sets as well. So, you can play the game while comfortably sitting on your sofa. However, when it comes to PCs, they don’t work in harmony with TV sets. Pairing a TV with a computer can be a pretty annoying task for most of the users which are totally different compared to consoles.


Besides, consoles are exceptionally good when it comes to playing with local multiplayer. Gaming consoles allow you to connect more than one controller so a group of individuals can play on a console very easily.