Best games for Android smartphones

September 03, 2019 2 min read

Best games for Android smartphones

Do you want to get to know and play the best new games available for Android smartphones? If so, you are reading the right kind of article. After some substantial amount of research, we have composed this list which comprises of the best games for Android smartphones.


Important: We highly recommend purchasing anextended grip (Joystick Grip) for your smartphone if you intend to play games long hours. Such accessory can eliminate potential strains in your hands after long hours of play. Also,these grips offer you better control over the game.


  1. Stardew Valley

This is a farming simulator game which works on robust 16-bit RPG. It allows you to build your character and develop the farm depending on your choice. Your character will arrive in a place called Pelican Town where you will start farming. In Stardew Valley, you can build the game for yourself from scratch. You can plant and harvest the fields and enhance your character’s skills. You can also introduce different tools and even go fishing.


  1. Graveyard Keeper

Well, this is another simulator that expects you to manage a cemetery (which is a quite unique idea). This game becomes very addictive and you will easily spend hours on this game. In the game, you are supposed to play the role of the gravedigger (which is a pretty tiresome job). However, thanks to the colorful graphics and deep crafting mechanics, things become much more exciting. Rewards are offered for your creativity as well. You can even sell dead bodies (that are ground-up) to a butcher. Also, you can host witch-burning parties and increase the business by poisoning the locals.


  1. PUBG Mobile

This is another interesting and popular game for Android users. This was debuted as a battle royale (with 100 players in it). Now, it has undergone various upgrades and become the best action shooter game for Android devices. It comprises of large maps, ammo, vehicles, tactical equipment etc. You will be a solo player or a team member. The target is to take down the opponents and be the last man standing.


  1. Brawl Stars

This game is developed by Supercell and it played as a fast-paced arena brawler. This is a pretty unique concept compared to the other games in the Google Play Store. The game is about a departure from a universe called ‘Clash of Clans’. This game comprises of a variety of game modes and the modes rotate every now and then. As a result, you will experience something new all the time.


  1. Oddmar

This game is well-known for its beautiful animations and graphics. Also, the story it has to tell is exceptionally interesting. You will play the game as ‘Oddmar’ who is a Viking. Oddmar hasn’t lived up to the warrior-like life so far. Now, the time has come for Oddmar to be a real Viking and go on a special journey of redemption.


So, these are the five best games for Android smartphones as per our findings.