Essential accessories for gaming console users

September 03, 2019 2 min read

Essential accessories for gaming console users

It is needless to mention how exciting and thrilling it is to play games using gaming consoles. However, to make your gaming experience a much better one and make the most out of your gaming console, you should be equipped with the right kind of gaming accessories. Listed below are some of the most essential accessories for gaming consoles.


  1. Dual Controller for PS4

If you prefer to involve in gaming longer with your PlayStation 4, this Dual-Controller device will be one of your top picks. It comes with a 5V adapter which charges the device faster so you don’t have to wait much. Compared to USB port charging, this 5V power adapter charges the device very quickly. It comes with a very steady base as well. To keep it in place, it comes with anti-slip rubberized feet.


  1. Battery Pack + USB Cable for PS4

This battery pack comprises of a rechargeable lithium battery pack to ensure you play for a longer period. In fact, it can prolong the life of your PS4 controller and allow you to play for up to 12 hours. This product is designed to be perfectly compatible with the shape of PS4 design. The smart clip design keeps the battery in place without moving. Thanks to the gold-plated connector, it ensures faster power transfer. Thanks to LED indicators, you can get a clear idea about the charging status.


  1. Vertical Console Stand for X Box One S 

This can be one of the most comprehensive consoles stands designed for X Box One-S. It comes with a very slim design so it can save plenty of space. It can be one of the best approaches to protect and store your favorite Xbox One-S device and controllers in a space-saving manner. This stand comes with several important features. For instance, this vertical stand has two cooling fans, two controller charging docks and two USB ports as well. In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one X-Box stand. Besides, it has non-slip rubberized feet as well to keep the console stand steady in place. Two cooling fans included in this stand help increase the airflow.


  1. Controller battery charger station for Xbox One

This is a special charging device which is compatible with the wireless controllers of consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox One-S and Xbox One Elite. It is designed to be able to handle two controls of the Xbox One simultaneously. Thanks to the gold-plated connectors, it features faster charging as well. With this device, you can charge the controllers in full within 3.5 hours. It also comes with rechargeable battery packs as well. As a result, you can keep your gaming console running for about 12 hours.


It also comes with built-in LED indicators to notify you of the amount of charging. This is a very safe device to use thanks to its precise technology. It has automatic controllers to stop charging upon a full charge.


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