About Us

At GameSir we create long lasting products that help people benefit from the best quality of gaming equipment and make your daily gaming better, easier and more exciting.

GameSir aims to build the gamer-focused system of hardware, software and services that provides a complete range of cutting edge products for gamer. Focusing on hardware quality, inventive design, enhanced features and quality performance.

GameSir offers a complete range of products to equip gamers, including game controller, gaming mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, battledock, and console accessories. 

In the spirit of gumption and modernization, GameSir is dedicated in expanding the edge of performance and exploring the possibilities of play.

The gaming world is never ending, and GameSir is ready enough for all the challenges and never stops researching and developing. With the gamer-oriented philosophy, GameSir looks forward to providing next level gaming experience with better gaming outlying and software support.